Wicket in OC4J / OracleAS

Recently I tried deploying wicket framework based web application in OC4J container it didn’t work, whereas the same code works well in Tomcat. While googling found a few solution which recommends to use wicket servlet configuration instead of servlet filter to resolve the issue. I did the same but no luck. Then I tried associating a bookmarkable page for the homepage then it works well. Here is the code snippet:

protected void init() {
// this is the important line which made wicket work in OC4J
mountBookmarkablePage("/login", LoginPage.class);

* @see org.apache.wicket.Application#getHomePage()
public Class getHomePage() {
return LoginPage.class;

Root cause: OC4J by default doesn’t allow directory browsing hence any request ends with / been blocked.

Solution: In the above solution we are redirecting login page to /login url hence directory browsing issue doesn’t occur.

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