JEXL – A simple expression evaluation engine

When I was developing a framework looking for a solution very similar to eval() function in JavaScript. Initially I thought of Velocity but somehow I wasn’t convinced with that approach. (Struts2 uses Velocity to externalize the HTML generation to make it customizable). Later I wrote my own parser to evaluate an expression that returns a Boolean value. Recently I found an open source which exactly meets my requirement. I don’t have to talk much about this open source you can find lot more information in their website. I thought it might be useful to others as well.

4 Responses to JEXL – A simple expression evaluation engine

  1. Mohan says:

    your own parser? seems quite intersting, could you blog about it?

    Writing simple or complex parsers – always fun. I never did.

  2. Mohan says:

    if you use scripengine library, Why do you need parser?

  3. Kaouni says:

    If you are looking for a simple expression evaluation, I found one at It is simply for mathematical and object expressions, and easy to use. Like I created a calculator using it.

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