Don’t let hype push you select wrong technologies

Most of you might agree with title of this blog. But how many of us or our managers/ architects follow on day to day basis? It is still a big question mark???

1. On August 21, 2001 Gartner released a report says “Companies Overspent $1 Billion on Application Server Technology”. It is purely because of the hype in EJB technology as it contains word “Enterprise”. I am sure without the word “Enterprise” it wouldn’t have made such a big hype. (Lesson learnt: choose name which attracts the target people). Architect and managers are tending to suggest EJB for an enterprise application without through analysis, because it contains the word “Enterprise”. Here is an article which talks about the problems in EJB.

2. SOA and WebService: these two are hot buzz words in recent days. Some companies are choosing these technologies with careful analysis and the essential need for their business growth. But most of the companies are choosing these technologies just to claim that they are using cutting edge technologies in their products. If your product has these technologies revisit and address if there are any issues with respect to your business requirement.

3. JSF: Recently JSF is another hot buzz word in the Java development world. If you do google search you can find many article that talks about advantage of JSF as such only this technology supports developing rich components, ajax implementation, etc. How many articles talks about the limitations and performance issues in JSF? Eventually companies will realize their wrong selection by the time their financial status will be too bad.

My insight on JSF is: “Sun, Oracle, IBM and a few other vendors thought about making money on the user interface development framework like Struts. To benefit all of them, they came up with a component based framework where all of them can sell components to interact with their proprietary products”. I am sure their marketing idea flopped; the best example is Oracle made their ADF Faces component as open source.

Think of the following questions when choosing JSF:

a. Can’t you develop a rich internet application product using Struts and other open source JavaScript framework (YUI, DOJO, Prototype, etc.)? I still don’t understand how can JSF claims that they support AJAX and rich interface without having a single component in their core framework to support these principles.
b. What is the difference between JSP Custom Tag and JSF Components? Isn’t both are same?

I am not against choosing cutting edge or emerging technologies for new development, but before choosing technology you must list down all strengths and weakness then make a final decision. If your architect/manager not able to identify weakness of the selection, proper justification the choice and return of investment; sooner than later your company will be in a financially critical situation.

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.
– Winston Churchill

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3 Responses to Don’t let hype push you select wrong technologies

  1. sac says:

    very good post

  2. Russell says:

    Very nice post.
    People do the decision without analysis the New Technologies.
    Finally, They waste time on doing those NEW Technologies.

  3. Peter says:

    What a bad post.
    You have nothing understood from JSF

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