A shift from Aspire to Bally

Friends, I moved from Aspire Systems to Bally Technologies on Feb 1, 2008.

Aspire colleague: I am extremely sorry for not meeting you personally due to last minute handover process. Keep in touch.

I would like to talk about my experience in jelling with existing team on new job.

How easy to jell with existing team? It is really challenging. I tried to recollect my experience with Aspire as new employee and how I jelled with the team. Conscious I didn’t follow any approach at Aspire; but it went well, because of some good juniors like Hari, Bathma, etc.

Here are some of the approach I followed in Aspire and planning to follow in Bally.

  1. Don’t offer solutions based on your previous experience without understanding complete problem. Even if you know the solution it is better to wait for sometime (may be around a month).
  2. Learn the project from juniors rather than seniors; some seniors might be busy, some may not willing to share, some may feel you will compete with them.
  3. Use the word “We” instead “I”. This makes other team members feel you are part of their team.
  4. Don’t refer your previous employer/ project while explaining any problem or solution. Explain as such you are expert on the problem/ solution.
  5. Listen to other team members as such you don’t know anything.
  6. Don’t create an impression that you are master of all. If you cannot solve a problem in near future it will create wrong impression.

One Response to A shift from Aspire to Bally

  1. sac says:

    again very good post….i just joined a new company and learnig the ropes. thanks for sharing

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