Fundamentals of Estimation Techniques

Even after two decades, software industry is struggling to find best technique for estimation.

There are so many estimation techniques exists in the industry such as Function Points, UseCase Points, Story Based, Feature Based, WideBand Delphi, etc.

Similarities (except WideBand Delphi)
1. Measuring based on user interface not the internal complexities
2. Splits bigger task into smaller task and estimation for small task.
3. Each estimation technique has own set of factors to define the complexity.

I don’t find much difference between various estimation techniques.

My recommended estimation technique

  1. Apply estimation technique for high level requirements. For example you have to provide cost estimation for an RFP. In that case you may not have time to breakdown the task in to smaller level. Apply estimation techniques like UseCasePoint or Feature Based.
  2. Customize the complexity factors based on your need.
  3. Apply Delphi Wide Band estimation technique on smaller task. You can use this technique to assign tasks to developers.

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